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Re: debian ova instance generator

Quoting Lukas Anzinger (2013-10-06 21:49:12)
> I've seen that you stop dbus via invoke-rc.d because it's started from 
> its postinst script.
> There's a way to prevent the starting of services so you don't need to 
> stop it: Just install [1]https://github.com/grml/grml-policyrcd into 
> the chroot, it will make "invoke-rc.d <foo> start" a NOP if run inside 
> a chroot.

I prefer most possible in packages maintained in Debian:

   aptitude install policyrcd-script-zg2

...and then add below either /etc or /usr/local/sbin something like 
this: http://source.jones.dk/?p=sbin.git;a=blob;f=policy-rc.d

...which is also git clone'able at git://source.jones.dk/sbin.git

 - Jonas

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