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Re: Bits from the Release Team (Jessie freeze info)

Hi Niels,

First of all, thanks a lot for planning this well in advance. Much
appreciated. This changes a lot compared to what happened in NYC! :)

On 10/13/2013 11:01 PM, Niels Thykier wrote:
> Freeze date and Freeze Policy for Jessie
> ========================================
> We are happy to announce that we will freeze Jessie at 23:59 UTC on
> the 5th of November 2014.

This date is surprising me. I thought we would have the same freeze date
every 2 years, so I was expecting late June 2014, 2 years after the
freeze of Wheezy. Wasn't this announced previously?

Just right after Ubuntu had it's LTS out seemed to be a good moment. In
fact, synchronizing the Debian freeze date with the Ubuntu LTS would
have been even better, IMO (or the Ubuntu freeze date for the next LTS).

Why the 5th of November 2014? Why beginning of November? Why the 5th and
not the 4th or 6th? In other words: what's the reasoning behind this date?



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