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Re: Bug#727708: tech-ctte: Decide which init system to default to in Debian.

On Tue, Oct 29, 2013, at 5:10, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> I do.  I think non-Linux ports make more sense as derivative
> distributions.  This gives them the freedom to drop packages that aren't
> worth porting, work around Linux-isms as necessary, improve integration
> with their own kernel, and release on their own schedule - rather than
> trying to make all the crap in Debian build.  (Remember, 90% of
> everything is crap.)

I do as well. I do admire the amount of work required to get those ports
up and running, but I still see them as a toys without real (production)
deployment base. I see a value in non-Linux ports in finding bugs that
won't manifest on Linux ports, but to me they are not mandatory, just
nice to have.

And thus I don't think we should make our decisions based on existence
of our non-Linux ports. E.g. we should not be taken hostage by lowest
common denominator.

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