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GPM and clickpad devices

Dear developpers,

Is there other people still using gpm intensively (the console mouse selection
system) ?  The Debian package is unmaintained and the upstream project is not
very active either.

GPM does not support 'clickpads' found in newer laptop (there is no button
available for pasting).  The problem is that /dev/input/mice only report a
single button, and gpm need at least two.

So either the kernel should be changed or GPM should use /dev/input/event*.
However, GPM also does not have full evdev support and the GPM codebase is
widely considered unmaintainable. (I use a patched GPM that have just enough
evdev support for my laptop, see  bug #722928)

I do not know if there any chance for the kernel to be fixed to report more
than one button.

While writing a basic GPM replacement is not hard, writing a good multitouch
touchpad driver is, since it requires duplicating a large part of

So if you are concerned by this issue, please contact me.

(Please CC me, I am not subscribed to the list).

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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