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Re: Bug#727708: tech-ctte: Decide which init system to default to in Debian.

]] Thorsten Glaser 

> (Also, do remember that any decisive outcome other than “support
> multiple ones including systemd” and “systemd-only” will need to
> lead to the removal of GNOME from Debian. I won’t miss it, but
> just saying.)

No, it won't necessarily lead to that.  It might just as well lead to
«somebody volunteers to maintain logind outside of the systemd code
base».  Not because they love logind or systemd, but because they love
GNOME and would like it to have the abilities logind gives it.

Nobody has said that's an impossible task.  I've said it's a task I'm
not willing to do, which is not at all the same thing.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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