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Re: Debian XDG basedir compliance

+++ Lars Wirzenius [2013-10-11 18:48 +0100]:
> On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 07:17:32PM +0200, Olе Streicher wrote:
> > What are the status, the pros and cons here? Is there an attempt to get
> > the XDG somehow into the Debian policy?
> There is no active Debian effort to make all our packages to conform
> to the XDG directory spec. It is my understanding that the consensus
> within Debian is that it is beyond our scope, and is something that's
> best done by our upstream projects directly. That way, the results
> would be shared by all users of the programs, instead of just the
> Debian users of those programs. Having Debian versions of the programs
> differ in this from everyone else would create a lot of confusion, and
> needlessly cause everyone more support burden than is needed.

I made upstream support XDG when I packaged something recently. He was
a bit grumpy because it made linux different from other OSes (it was a
java GUI app), but it seemed to me that this was the right thing to do.
(The default was to store data in CWD so you ended up with a lot of
dirs called 'data' on your disk, instead of one called '.terraintool'

This was done upstream, not just for Debian, so conforms with what
you've said above, although I wasn't aware of any particular consensus.

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