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Re: [ANNOUNCE] git-deb: a Git importer for Debian packages

On 24 October 2013 14:18, Gabriel de Perthuis <g2p.code@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've written a tool to import Debian packages into Git:
>     git clone deb::mypackage
> It does a faithful import of the package history from
> snapshot.debian.org.  There is some agressive caching built-in, and a
> bit of logic to rebuild the history graph from changelogs.  It is also
> able to deal with most quirks in the upload history, like missing source
> packages, missing .dsc files, and obsolete keys.
> On the git side, the --depth option is supported.  Incremental imports
> (both new releases and deepening the history) aren't yet, but the shared
> cache helps rebuild branches faster.
> It's available here https://github.com/g2p/git-deb and on PyPI.

Is it compatible with Ian's dgit ?



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