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/etc/profile.d/ 404 Errors on RE : List of FTBFS in Ubuntu Dijital Baskıda İnanılmaz Fiyatlar Vale desconto para Reservas em Hoteis no Brasil e no Exterior e Cruzeiros Marítimos Join BAMify Ads today and get 5,000 credits FREE! [ Cross-distro meeting about application installer] Add Me in G talk for Link building this is Your new friend add my id for link ex Re: Adding some Pre-Depends php-pear (>= 5.3) to fix upgrade from Lenny Anybody else having problems w/ DNSSEC and apt-diff: a tool to diff filesystem content against APT Bitcoin donation Re: Bug #608185: btrfs-tools: balance tree action should be only triggered by root Re: Bug#518696: ITP: parallel -- build and execute command lines from standard input in parallel Re: Bug#518696: ITP: parallel -- build and execute command lines from standard input in parallel Re: Bug#579373: ITP: zthreads -- A platform-independent, multi-threading and synchronization library for C++ Re: Bug#584653: CVE-2010-2055 Re: Bug#584663: Bug#584653: CVE-2010-2055 Re: Bug#602246: ITP: brian -- simulator for spiking neural networks Bug#605575: ITP: xstrp4 -- camlp4 extension that expands brace expansions in OCaml string Bug#605577: ITP: usher -- A dispatcher for multiple monotone servers or databases Bug#605629: ITP: synapse -- semantic file launcher Bug#605634: ITP: ocaml-inifiles -- read and write .ini files for OCaml Bug#605635: ITP: mikmatch -- camlp4 extension for pattern matching with regexps Bug#605652: ITP: ocaml-inifiles -- read and write .ini for OCaml Bug#605669: ITP: tophide -- Hides toplevel values whose name starts with an underscore. Bug#605670: ITP: atd -- Syntax for cross-language data types in OCaml Bug#605671: ITP: atdgen -- Code generator for biniou and JSON serialization Bug#605672: ITP: biniou -- Flexible binary data format in OCaml Bug#605674: ITP: camlmix -- preprocessor which converts text with embedded OCaml Bug#605675: ITP: camltemplate -- configurable library for generating text from templates in OCaml Bug#605677: ITP: cppo -- Cpp for OCaml Bug#605680: ITP: easy-format -- text generation with indentation made easy(ier) for OCaml Bug#605681: ITP: yojson -- JSON library for OCaml Bug#605682: ITP: ocaml-deriving -- deriving functions from type declarations in OCaml Bug#605683: ITP: ocaml-sqlexpr -- type-safe access to SQL DB in OCaml Bug#605688: ITP: iok -- Indic Onscreen Keyboard Bug#605693: ITP: python-kajiki -- Really fast well-formed xml templates Bug#605739: ITP: eeglab -- toolbox for processing and visualization of electrophysiological data Bug#605741: ITP: caml2html -- HTML and LaTeX colored syntax from OCaml source files Bug#605743: ITP: addressbooks-sync-extension -- address book synchronization for Icedove/Iceape Bug#605768: ITP: colorediffs-extension -- an Icedove extension that colors diffs from SVN/CVS notificators Bug#605798: ITP: lldpad -- A Link Layer Discovery Protocol implementation Bug#605877: ITP: clasp -- A conflict-driven nogood learning answer set solver Bug#605879: ITP: gringo -- An lparse-compatible grounder for (disjunctive) logic programs Bug#605881: ITP: coala -- translates action languages into answer set programs Re: Bug#605892: please state that mails will be publically archived Bug#605902: ITP: gluegen2 -- Tool to automatically generate the Java and JNI code. Bug#605904: ITP: logtop -- Realtime log line rate analyzer Bug#605905: ITP: frog -- tagger and parser for Dutch language Bug#605914: ITP: librecad -- 2D CAD program (qt4 port of QCad) Bug#605919: ITP: mbt -- memory-based tagger-generator and tagger for natural language processing Bug#605928: ITP: timblserver -- Server extensions for TiMBL Bug#605966: ITP: spice-vdagent -- Spice agent for Linux Bug#605985: ITP: gitso -- a frontend to reverse VNC connections Bug#606002: ITP: accountsservice -- query and manipulate user account information Bug#606023: RFP: identicurse -- A simple client with a curses-based UI. Bug#606104: ITP: python-sqlparse -- A non-validating SQL parser for Python. Bug#606117: ITP: php5-pecl-http -- Extended HTTP support for php5 Bug#606134: ITP: sheepdog -- Distributed storage system for KVM/Qemu Bug#606189: ITP: owfs -- 1-Wire File System Bug#606358: ITP: free42 -- HP42S Calculator Emulator Bug#606373: ITP: cxxtest -- a xUnit-like framework for C/C++ Bug#606446: ITP: tabix -- generic indexer for TAB-delimited genome position files Bug#606449: ITP: cnagios -- terminal interface for viewing nagios host and service objects Bug#606493: gnome-screensaver: Fails to authenticate users with NIS on amd64 Bug#606508: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-authorization-perl -- authoriation framework for CGI::Application Bug#606511: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-tt-perl -- Add template toolkit support to CGI::Application Re: Bug#606543: clamav-freshclam: affected by privilege escalation vulnerability in logrotate Re: Bug#606543: clamav-freshclam: affected by privilege escalation vulnerability in logrotate Bug#606557: ITP: psychtoolbox-3 -- Matlab and GNU/Octave functions for vision research Bug#606750: ITP: liblognorm -- Log normalizing library Bug#606752: ITP: libestr -- Helper functions for handling strings Bug#606754: ITP: libee -- Event expression library inspired by CEE Bug#606775: ITP: libgit-wrapper-perl -- Wrap git command-line interface Re: Bug#606791: Full install/removal/upgrade test results available Bug#606812: ITP: libregexp-ipv6-perl -- Regular expression for IPv6 addresses Bug#606813: ITP: libjavascript-minifier-perl -- Perl extension for minifying JavaScript code Bug#606816: ITP: libcgi-psgi-perl -- Adapt to the PSGI protocol Bug#606818: ITP: libhtml-mason-psgihandler-perl -- PSGI handler for HTML::Mason Bug#606831: ITP: libfreenect -- open source driver for kinect camera Bug#606847: ITP: libmodule-optional-perl -- Breaking module dependency chains Bug#606855: ITP: libversion-next-perl -- Increment module version numbers simply and correctly Bug#606862: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-perl -- Dist::Zilla plugin to update a git repository after release Bug#606876: ITP: polsarpro -- Polarimetric SAR Data Processing and Educational Tool Bug#606877: ITP: epr-api -- ENVISAT Product Reader API for C Bug#606881: ITP: mapready -- The MapReady Remote Sensing Tool Kit Bug#606882: ITP: snaphu -- Statistical-Cost, Netowrk-Flow Algorithm for Phase Unwrapping Bug#606884: ITP: gsdview -- Geo-Spatial Data Viewer Bug#606892: ITP: ooohg -- installer for a set of 1600 free of charge maps for Bug#606901: ITP: fullcalendar -- jQuery plugin providing a full-sized, drag & drop calendar Bug#606927: ITP: vanityhash -- Utility to search for partial hash matches Bug#607004: ITP: javacsv -- Simple Java library to read and write CSV Bug#607030: ITP: elastix -- toolbox for rigid and nonrigid registration of images Bug#607043: ITP: jwhoisserver -- Java Whois Server - a small whois server written in java Bug#607160: ITP: openni -- Library and application for 3D vision sensor Bug#607161: ITP: haskell-listlike -- Generic support for list-like structures Bug#607210: ITP: libje-perl -- pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine Bug#607213: ITP: pyxid -- interfacing with Cedrus XID and StimTracker devices Bug#607256: closed by Holger Levsen <> (Re: Bug#607256: general: various programs generate segfaults, like top, w and exim) Bug#607256: general: various programs generate segfaults, like top, w and exim Bug#607256: marked as done (general: various programs generate segfaults, like top, w and exim) Bug#607334: ITP: haskell-bytestring-nums -- Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings. Bug#607358: ITP: hinotify -- Hinotify is a Haskell library for inotify, a part of the Linux kernel Bug#607384: ITP: libtie-refhash-weak-perl -- Tie::RefHash subclass with weakened references in the keys Bug#607388: ITP: spock -- testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications Bug#607393: O: phpunit Bug#607409: ITP: glib-networking -- network-related giomodules for GLib Bug#607412: ITP: haskell-attoparsec -- Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings Bug#607413: ITP: haskell-bytestring-nums -- Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings. Bug#607414: ITP: haskell-monadcatchio-transformers -- Monad-transformer compatible version of the Control.Exception module Bug#607420: ITP: haskell-iteratee -- Iteratee-based I/O Bug#607421: ITP: haskell-dlist -- Differences lists Bug#607422: ITP: haskell-directory-tree -- A simple directory-like tree datatype, with useful IO functions Bug#607423: ITP: haskell-cereal -- A binary serialization library Bug#607424: ITP: haskell-bytestring-show -- Efficient conversion of values into readable byte strings. Bug#607433: ITP: glitch -- simple Python OpenGL scene graph library Bug#607440: ITP: leechcraft -- modular "Internet client" application Bug#607445: ITP: gkrellm-gkrellmpc -- GKrellM plugin for controlling MPD Bug#607469: ITP: libnet-vnc-perl -- Perl module implementing a simple VNC client Bug#607477: ITP: sonic -- Simple utility to speed up or slow down speech Bug#607488: ITP: geoip-database-contrib -- MaxMind GeoIP (lite) binary database downloader script Bug#607562: ITP: ffmpeg-gui -- ffmpeg frontend Bug#607675: ITP: libjgoodies-common-java -- JGoodies Common library Bug#607712: RFP: libsoap-wsdl-perl -- SOAP with WSDL support Bug#607721: ITP: goldencheetah -- Cycling Performance Software Bug#607748: ITP: libclass-std-fast-perl -- faster but less secure replacement for Class::Std Bug#607764: ITP: pd-hid -- a Pd object for getting data from USB HID devices Bug#607815: ITP: libapp-rad-perl -- Perl module for rapid and easy creation of command line applications Bug#607821: ITP: haskell-strptime -- Haskell binding for strptime with some extra features Bug#607877: ITP: openid4java -- This library allows you to OpenID-enable your Java webapp Bug#607889: ITP: frogr -- Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME Bug#607910: ITP: libfixposix -- Replacement for inconsistent parts of POSIX Bug#607929: ITP: dimbl -- Distributed Memory Based Learner Bug#607935: ITP: mbtserver -- Server extensions for the MBT tagger Bug#607957: ITP: jsonbot -- Framework for building bots for IRC, XMPP and the Web Bug#607964: ITP: ucto -- Unicode Tokenizer Bug#607973: ITP: parti-all -- screen for remote X apps Bug#608001: ITP: libclone-fast-perl -- module for fast data structure copying Bug#608008: Release-critical bugs status pages show incorrect results Bug#608024: ITP: libgitalist-perl -- modern Git web viewer Bug#608030: ITP: libdbix-class-candy-perl -- module that provides syntactic sugar for result classes for the DBIx::Class ORM Bug#608080: ITP: libextutils-libbuilder-perl -- Perl module to compile standard, self-contained C libraries Bug#608086: ITP: libmoosex-multimethods-perl -- Moose extension enabling multiple method dispatch Re: Bug#608098: gnome-core: revert mass migration from -desktop-environment to -core Bug#608104: ITP: dockbarx -- A task bar and launcher dock with grouping and group manipulation Bug#608105: ITP: libformconv -- math formula converter library Bug#608113: ITP: python-dbf -- Python module for reading and writing dbf files Bug#608150: ITP: routino -- Set of tools to find a path between two points Bug#608171: ITP: kmozillahelper -- Iceweasel-KDE integration Bug#608200: ITP: libspectrum -- ZX Spectrum emulator library Bug#608202: ITP: fuse-emulator-utils -- ZX Spectrum emulator library - Utilities Bug#608203: ITP: fuse-emulator -- The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator Bug#608224: ITP: haskell-dbus -- Haskell bindings for D-Bus API Bug#608230: ITP: xmonad-log-applet -- GNOME panel applet that displays xmonad log messages using D-Bus Bug#608236: ITP: libpod-2-docbook-perl -- module for converting Pod data to DocBook SGML Bug#608238: RFA: checkinstall Bug#608257: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-changelogfromgit-perl -- Build a Changes file from a project's git log Bug#608270: ITP: minissdpd -- keep memory of all UPnP devices that announced themselves Bug#608280: ITP: libnatpmp -- a portable and fully compliant implementation of NAT-PMP Bug#608284: ITP: xhtmlrenderer -- An XML/XHTML/CSS 2.1 Renderer written in Java Bug#608285: ITP: libconcurrentlinkedhashmap-java -- A high performance version of java.util.LinkedHashMap for use as a software cache Bug#608294: ITP: libencode-perl -- provides interfaces between Perl's strings and the system Bug#608297: ITP: libstarlet-perl -- a simple, high-performance PSGI/Plack HTTP server Bug#608299: ITP: libcgi-emulate-psgi-perl -- PSGI adapter for CGI Bug#608317: ITP: python-mahotas -- Efficient Image Processing Library for Python Bug#608364: ITP: dmedia -- A simple distributed media library Bug#608371: ITP: libparallel-prefork-perl -- A simple prefork server framework Bug#608375: ITP: libserver-starter-perl -- a superdaemon for hot-deploying server programs Re: Bug#608377: ITP: libhtml-quoted-perl -- extract structure of quoted HTML mail message Bug#608377: ITP: libhtml-quoted-perl -- extract structure of quoted HTML mail message Bug#608380: ITP: libregexp-common-net-cidr-perl -- provide patterns for CIDR blocks Bug#608392: ITP: underscore -- functional programming aid for JavaScript working well with jQuery Bug#608395: ITP: varnisnncsa-vhost -- Wrapper around 'varnishncsa' tool to save varnish logs with virtualhost Bug#608409: ITP: diaspora-x2 -- web-based client for XMPP-based decentral social networking Bug#608410: ITP: libmodule-starter-smart-perl -- Module::Starter plugin to add new modules into existing distributions Bug#608424: ITP: backbone -- some Backbone for JS Apps with Models, Views, Collections, and Events Bug#608460: ITP: pev -- Utility to get Product Version of PE32 executables Bug#608496: ITP: libkibi -- library for byte prefixes Cara efektif promosi ke Facebook CIFS mount (error -11) Collecting data compatibility analysis for Java libraries cross-distro work on App Store/Software Center - looking for volunteers d-i meeting - 2010.12.15, 20h30 GMT exim-using packages - are you relying on -C or -D options? Re: fails to purge not RC A festive offer which can change your life Re: FOSDEM 2011, second CfT Fresh Vasilopita - Greek New Year's Cake now shipping from! Re: Full install/removal/upgrade test results available I need your help Increase your Sales. Get Your website Top Listed in Google; Yahoo & MSN Re: Introducing the "Debian's Automated Code Analysis" (DACA) project List of FTBFS in Ubuntu Re: List of FTBFS in Ubuntu -- sbuild resolver issue??? Re: Misc Developer News (#24) Modifying a file from another package (rather than replacing it) Neticams piedavajums sms kreditesanas joma! Network communication between hosts NEW SITES New Training Course Releases and Website Updates New user and group name for inadyn package Notification escape sequences Re: openresolv vs. resolvconf owner for ITP bugreports [Was: Bug#602246: ITP: brian -- simulator for spiking neural networks] ping ? Planet subscriptions Re: privilege escalation and potential data loss in logrotate Processed: Re: Bug#606493: gnome-screensaver: Fails to authenticate users with NIS on amd64 Question: How is debian-policy during freeze? Re: Release Update: deep freeze, remaining bugs, schedule, themes and Wheezy Removing dbconfig support ? Re: Reportbug not translated (Was: Bug#605892: please state that mails will be publically archived) Reportbug not translated (Was: Bug#605892: please state that mails will be publically archived) Re: Reportbug not translated (Was: Bug#605892: please state that mails will be publically archived) RFH - fakeroot-ng and ptrace, not Debian specific Safe File Update (atomic) Re: screenshots.d.n The last update was on 17:38 GMT Sun May 24. There are 554 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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