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Removing dbconfig support ?


I'm maintaining a PHP-MySQL application (GLPI) which is currently using
dbconfig to create and upgrade the database.

However, this cause problems during upgrades since upstream does only
provide PHP scripts for upgrades, which are quite complicated. I have
been trying to maintain a conversion to SQL commands for upgrade, but
this is getting impossible for recent versions since some commands
involve changes on existing data and are cannot be done with SQL (this
had been confirmed by upstream, and does not seems to be possible to
change easily according to him).

Since the package is using dbconfig since a few versions, I'm now facing
an upgrade problem before I can upload 0.78.1.
For the moment, I'm thinking about removing dbconfig-common support and
let all the configuration happen in the PHP scripts but I can't tell the
consequences on previous installations.
What is the best (not problematic) solution ? Any idea / help will be


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