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Join BAMify Ads today and get 5,000 credits FREE!

BAMify Ads - Free AdvertisingSign Up and get 5000 credits FREE
Hi Mike, 

Free Advertising with BAMify Ads

You haven't heard from us before. We run a unique company; a free to use ad network. BAMify Ads.


What do we do?

In a way we're similar to 2 services you might have heard of from Google; AdSense, and AdWords. AdSense enables you to place adverts on your website, AdWords allows you to put your own adverts out on Google's network of AdSense-enabled websites (and the search listings, of course). The key difference with BAMify Ads is that, unlike AdWords, advertising costs you nothing.


How does it work?

Place a small snippet of code from BAMify Ads on to any website you run. Similar to Google AdSense this will then pick relevant ads from our network and display them to your users. For every impression of the ad you will receive a handful of credits.


Now you can create your own adverts (text or image) and upload them to the BAMify Ads network. The credits you earn allow your adverts to be shown across our network - the more you credits you earn, the more impressions your ads receive.


It's a great way to establish a steady stream of traffic across a large number of different websites so you can pull in visitors that would normally never find you.


You don't need to advertise the website that you have adverts on, so if you own a blog and an e-commerce website you can pop some ads on the blog, then put an advert on to the BAMify Ads network for your e-commerce website.


Sign up now and receive 5,000 credits FREE. Refer a friend and earn 5,000 additional credits per sign up.

Sign Up and get 5000 credits FREE
BAMify Ads Team

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