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Re: List of FTBFS in Ubuntu

Hi Olaf, Roger

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 11:00 AM, Olaf van der Spek <olafvdspek@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Now, pkg-config isn't standardised /either/, but it's useful because
>> it will work with any standards-conforming compiler.  It's just a
>> generalisation of existing practice (in the form of foo-config
>> scripts generated during a package build).
> Pkg-config probably isn't bad, but it does increase the complexity of
> build script. Especially compared to auto linking.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think implementing auto linking
support in GCC is a realistic goal. I can imagine there are lots of
technical and non-technical issues involved, it's certainly not
something that can be accomplished in the short term.

>> But this is all moot.  I've written the pkg-config support into the
>> auto-link header, and we just need to integrate it into the build
>> system to get the job done.
> How does pkg-config handle the selection of the threading variant?
> Toolset-variant? Seems it's hard-coded to a single variant.

Yeah, take a look at the comments in the report Roger linked to. It
looks like we can't handle multiple variants with pkg-config. I don't
think this is a major problem for the time being, though, as there's a
single variant in Debian and I imagine that's also the case for most
other distributions.

I think proper pkg-config support would be fantastic. I'm wondering if
this support could be patched downstream in case upstream rejects or
ignores the patches Roger submitted. I'll adapt btag's build system to
use pkg-config for Boost as soon as this enters unstable.


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