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Re: Modifying a file from another package (rather than replacing it)

Am 25.12.2010 20:18, schrieb Michael Banck:
> Why can't this be part of pbuilder itself?  Did your patches got
> rejected by the pbuilder author and if so, what was his rationale?
> Maybe if he thinks they should not be part of pbuilder, they shouldn't
> be part of another package either.

I haven't attempted to submit my code yet. It works for me, but still
has to be cleaned up. Right now, I'm packaging it as a way of
documenting and organizing what I've done.

But, aside from the pbuilder specifics: Is there any policy, best
practice, or LSB scheme for extending an existing package? Are there any
hooks to re-apply changes to an existing package after it has been updated?


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