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Re: List of FTBFS in Ubuntu -- sbuild resolver issue???

On Sat, Dec 04, 2010 at 12:41:50AM +0900, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Baically, we need "locales-all" equivalent to build this package.  I
> added "locales" to make this package cross buildable on Ubuntu.  Sbuild
> log identifies both locales-all and locales are not available as
> started.  It only tries first candidate "locales-all" only and fails.
> It should check second one "locales" since this is: locales-all|locales .
> I think sbuild needs a better resolver so if it does not find first
> choice, it should try to install second one.  

sbuild has two better resolvers.  We have the traditional "internal"
resolver, which is a resolver implemented in sbuild, in perl, which
has deficiencies dealing with alternative build dependencies, especially
with virtual dependencies.  We also have "apt" and "aptitude" resolvers,
but these are not used by default.

The "apt" and "aptitude" resolvers in unstable install a "dependency
package", which Depends and Conflicts with the apppropriate Build-Depends
and Build-Conflicts, and the build-deps are resolved entirely by
apt-get or aptitude.

The outstanding issue preventing their use is that of consistency and
reproducibility.  When given alternative dependencies, we need the
same ones installing each time.  aptitude will try multiple
combinations, the internal resolver strictly left-to-right.  apt-get
should be flexible enough to try alternatives, without being as lax
as aptitude.  The apt-get resolver is still in development; it's much
improved in our git repo, which I'll upload soon.  I'd hope we can
consider switching to it after we've released and tested it more.
With the apt resolver, the consistency issue is mainly taken care of
by always starting with a clean chroot, and now that we're using
LVM snapshots, that's taken care of.


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