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Re: New user and group name for inadyn package

[Marc Haber]
> Many Debian-Packages use Debian-packagename as an account name to
> avoid naming clashes. This is disputed though, so you may choose
> differently. I'd name the account Debian-inadyn and live with the
> fact that some tools handle the long user name suboptimally.

Some of the tools are top and ps, which only list the uid (as if the
user did not exist) if the username is longer than the POSIX lower
limit of 8 characters long.  Ran into problems with the killer
package.  It believed processes belonged to deleted users when it ran
into processes owned by such users, and tried to kill them.
Workaround is implemented there, but other packages might have similar

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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