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Re: exim-using packages - are you relying on -C or -D options?

This one time, at band camp, Ian Jackson said:
> Stephen Gran writes ("Re: exim-using packages - are you relying on -C
> or -D options?"):
> > The current alternative is to make exim refuse to execute if the
> > config file is not in a build-time configured directory.  This is
> > what is being proposed, and if all your other config files are in
> > the same place, it sounds like this won't cause a problem for you.
> Right, I think it will be OK for me.
> Will it follow symlinks ?  If so then the problem isn't that sever.

It doesn't appear to care about symlinks, from a quick read of exim.c.
It seems that so long as the directory name for the file passed to it
matches the configured directory name, it's happy.  I would test this
rather than relying on my 5 minute guess about which is the right chunk
of code to read, though :)

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