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Re: owner for ITP bugreports [Was: Bug#602246: ITP: brian -- simulator for spiking neural networks]

On Wed, 22 Dec 2010, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> > It doesn't matter much. You can always change the submitter afterwards.
> nah, then we should do it upon every commit to the repository while
> multiple people working on the packaging...

Of course not, my request is that the submitter is a human-being not that
it matches the last-person having worked on the packaging.

> Overall, what specific problem (if there is any) would be solved by
> requesting to specify some other than team name/address for the package which
> is going to be team maintained? imho none

When I reply to some ITP with advice, I like to know who wrote the ITP.

> Meanwhile more arguments why I consider team contact appropriate (and
> even preferable at times) for the Owner of an ITP, in contrast to a single,
> possibly arbitrarily chosen, developer from the team:
> * Team contacts are our preferable entry for the "Maintainer" field
>   in the packaged package

That's fine. You can put the team as the "owner" of the bug and you'll get
the BTS traffic to the team email.

But if you really use a "team identity" to submit ITP, I would ask you to
at least sign your message (i.e. put your own human name at the end).

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