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Re: Bug#608098: gnome-core: revert mass migration from -desktop-environment to -core

Le lundi 27 décembre 2010 à 22:12 +0100, Holger Levsen a écrit :
> But given the serious answers he also gave (and the retitle-joke itself) I 
> dont think this humor was abuse. It was a joke, which some people didnt like 
> and some didnt find funny. And some laughed. So what.

It wasn’t really meant as a joke, more as a camel’s back breaking with
this last straw. These metapackages are a continuous source of grievance
and bug reports. I can receive the same day reports from people saying
the metapackages are too heavy and others asking new dependencies to be
added. There’s no end to that madness.

> Personally (and in the piuparts context) I used to be way more relaxed + 
> cheerful replying to people who tell me that (they think) their package had 
> valid reasons to violate policy - but sadly over time I've become midly 
> annoyed and also bored, that I have to spend my time again+again to explain 
> why/that policy is there and also applies to this or that package...

I can only empathize with you.

: :' :     “You would need to ask a lawyer if you don't know
`. `'       that a handshake of course makes a valid contract.”
  `-        --  J???rg Schilling

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