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Re: apt-diff: a tool to diff filesystem content against APT

Tristan Schmelcher <tristan.schmelcher@gmail.com> writes:

>> how does it deal with configurations generated in postinstall?
> Only files shipped by a package (i.e., appear in its .list file) can be
> diff'ed, so if a configuration file was generated from scratch in a
> postinst then apt-diff can't show a diff for it. But it does keep track
> of how many files it has seen that aren't owned by any package, and
> there is an option to print the list, so you can use that to see what
> generated files are present in a directory tree. But at that point you
> sort of have to know what you're looking for.
> Sort of analogous to an untracked file in a VCS system.

Isn't debsums already filling that nieche?


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