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Re: ping ?

Pierre Chifflier schrieb am Thursday, den 16. December 2010:

> Hi,
> It's now more than 6 months since this bug was reported, and it is still
> a blocker for ulogd2 (see #502305). Version 1.0.0 also fixes several
> important bugs.
> The packages are ready since some time and have been proposed in august,
> with no reply (see
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=589157#10
> ).
> I'm therefore resending this email to discuss a proper (maintainer)
> upload and am still proposing my help again for libnetfilter-{queue,log}
> packages.
Ah fuck I prepared the upload and just forgot about it. One of my
co-maintainers left me and I just forgot it. sorry

Alexander Wirt, formorer@formorer.de 
CC99 2DDD D39E 75B0 B0AA  B25C D35B BC99 BC7D 020A

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