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owner for ITP bugreports [Was: Bug#602246: ITP: brian -- simulator for spiking neural networks]

Ah, now I found where I screwed up: I have my personal email as the email
address but with a Team name. I have used

reportbug --realname="NeuroDebian Team" --email=team@neuro.debian.net -b wnpp

and because I did have REPORTBUGEMAIL env var set to my email, it took
precedence over --email.

Good to know... I will fix-up relevant ITPs to contain proper entry

NeuroDebian Team <team@neuro.debian.net>

Meanwhile discussion on a generic topic "owner for ITP -- team vs individual":

On Wed, 22 Dec 2010, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > and then what to do if we have not decided yet what particular humanoid
> > will accomplish the mission?
> It doesn't matter much. You can always change the submitter afterwards.

nah, then we should do it upon every commit to the repository while
multiple people working on the packaging...

> If you have no volunteer to do the work, it could be argued that you
> should first file a RFP and change it into an ITP once you know who will
> do the work.

yes, we do have volunteers (more than 1) to do the work -- it is us, the
team.  It might end up being one specific person, or multiple developers
working on it at the same time... it depends, our primary goal is to get job

Overall, what specific problem (if there is any) would be solved by
requesting to specify some other than team name/address for the package which
is going to be team maintained? imho none

Meanwhile more arguments why I consider team contact appropriate (and
even preferable at times) for the Owner of an ITP, in contrast to a single,
possibly arbitrarily chosen, developer from the team:

* Team contacts are our preferable entry for the "Maintainer" field
  in the packaged package
  Many benefits of having team in the maintainer apply to having
  team in the owner of ITP: more eyes, aggregated qa. page etc

* We have no strict requirement for the submitters of ITPs being a DD.
  it could be owned by an arbitrary (possibly fictional) person with
  arbitrarily contact email (possibly fake);

  so NeuroDebian Team could be treated as a single humanoid with an email
  team@neuro.debian.net ;) or we could come up with a more specific one

  A.Humanoid <humanoid@neuro.debian.net>

  to be forwarded to team@ ;)

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