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Re: Bug#606543: clamav-freshclam: affected by privilege escalation vulnerability in logrotate

(CC'ed debian-devel as this was a not-so-well coordinated MBF without
announcement to debian-devel, dd-list, usertags; so maybe at least further
discussion can happen there)

Hi Florian,

> These lines from this package's maintainer scripts suggest that it likely
> is affected by the vulnerability:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> chown "$dbowner":adm $FRESHCLAMLOGFILE
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

What is wrong about these two lines? And even from ...


> For some further details please see my announcement of this mass
> filing on debian-qa:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-qa/2010/11/msg00024.html

... I don't quite understand why this would be problem specific to one of the
packages you did the MBF for. If I get the idea of your exploit right, you
replace the log file by a symlink to a root-owned file, and in some mysterious
way you then seem to be able to overwrite the root-owned file. Well, it will
suffice for the evil person to be in adm group, you don't need to be $package
user for doing that.

But ok, you don't even claim there's a specific bug in our package, it's all
logrotate's fault. Assuming clamav uses logrotate in a sane way (I wouldn't no
of anyone claiming it does not), what should we do? Drop log rotation? Cool,
thanks, then the security-tagged bug report against clamav is actually justified
because it'll soon fill up your disk, possibly resulting in a DoS. Come up with
it's own cron-job for log rotation? No, thank you.

At present, the only thing I'd plan to do is to either reassign this bug to
logrotate or simply close it.

Best regards,

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