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Re: New user and group name for inadyn package

On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 16:16:22 +0600, Timur Birsh <taem@linukz.org>
>I'm packaging new version of inadyn package [1]. inadyn can run as daemon, 
>therefore I created init.d script. Daemon supports dropping its privileges 
>on start as well. I chose inadyn for the user name and inadyn for the group 
>name with dynamically allocated system IDs. Are there any 
>comments/suggestions please?

Many Debian-Packages use Debian-packagename as an account name to
avoid naming clashes. This is disputed though, so you may choose
differently. I'd name the account Debian-inadyn and live with the fact
that some tools handle the long user name suboptimally.

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