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Re: Release Update: deep freeze, remaining bugs, schedule, themes and Wheezy


This release update announced:

    As hinted in the previous release update, now is the time to
    decide exactly what is going in to squeeze and what isn't.  Here's
    what we're going to propose regarding the remaining RC bugs.

    We'll be working against the list of RC bugs affecting Squeeze
    that are not fixed in unstable:


    Members of the Release Team will be considering bugs in that list,
    in the form:

        Squeeze: can-defer
        Squeeze: will-remove
        Squeeze: is-blocker

Has this work started?  I ask because there seem to be bugs on that
list that can easily be deferred -- for example 147832 -- that are not
so tagged.

Is the tagging to be done by anyone or only by the release team?  Do
you want suggestions sent to you?


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