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Re: Reportbug not translated (Was: Bug#605892: please state that mails will be publically archived)

Quoting Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (alexander@schmehl.info):

> If I remember correctly, that was discussed some years ago, and the
> outcome of the discussion was, that as our translation teams lack the
> ressources, non English speaking users should contact their respective
> -user-foo mailing lists, asking someone to proxy their bug report for them.
> I don't think so much has changed regarding that, has it?

That's correct.

I think it could be good to translate reportbug but the text showed to
users should be more direct and invite them to send their bug report
in English language only (with excuses, apologies, etc, etc.).

So, yes that assumes the user needs some English skills to send the
bug report. So one might wonder why (s)he would need a translated
interface...:-)... At first, I woul say that even if one is able to
read/write some (often broken) English, one does also better
understand something written in one's own language...an that includes
the user interface for reportbug (for instance, explanations about bug

So, I would welcome reportbug i18n.

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