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Re: FOSDEM 2011, second CfT

Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> writes:

> Hi,
> At the end of September, I called for talk submissions for the FOSDEM 2011
> distributions miniconf. Unfortunately, to date, the number of
> submissions (from Debian and other distributions alike) has been
> abysmally low. It would be a shame if the two rooms which the miniconf
> was assigned for two days would be mostly unused.
> Therefore, I'd like to reiterate my request for talks. Anything is
> welcome, as long as it involves distribution work.
> If I may make some suggestions for interesting talk proposals that would
> fit the miniconf well:
> - Our new kFreeBSD port
> - Something about the new v3 source formats

I've been using 3.0 (quilt) a lot and have been playing around building
source packages from git/mercurial repositories directly without
intermittant unpacking and diffing. I'm also playing around with an idea
for better support for vendors, those that take a debian package and
patch it some more. This could be benefitial for any debian based
distribution including Ubuntu.

I'm not sure yet wether i have time to come but will know soon. But if I
can maybe this could be split into a basic talk introducing the format,
showing how to convert a package and how to use it and a design session
to toss around future extensions to the format.

> - Piuparts, the PTS, buildd, popcon, the website and webwml, or anything
>   about any other piece of infrastructure,
> - A round table about strategies for something which every distribution
>   must do, such as releasing, squashing bugs, compiling software, or,
>   heck, marketing,
> <plan type="evil">
> - last but not least, if all else fails, we can just flood the
>   distributions miniconf with Debian-specific talks and hope that nobody
>   notices if the "distributions" miniconf has turned into the Debian
>   Devroom(s!), v2.
> </plan>
> (Just kidding on that last one, of course, even if talks about
> distribution-specific subject matters are welcome at any rate)
> Second, though this hasn't been officially confirmed yet, I've asked for
> a Debian booth again. Volunteers to help with that are most certainly
> welcome.
> Regards,

There seems to be something missing here for those that have forgotten
or not seen the first call:

Where to submit talks? What is the timetable / deadline?


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