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About Xmame Abwesenheitsnotiz: report Re: Accepted boost 1.31.0-7 (i386 source all) [ Need "apt-get dist-downgrade" or similar when Sarge comes out.] Re: another failed removal hint Any chance of getting a more recent thunderbird into Sarge? Any chance to get rosegarden4 allowed into testing-proposed-updates? Re: Apology to german users required in the release notes aptitude -> testing? arts 1.3 + kde 3.2? Re: Bug#235759: Bug#228486: Apology to german users required in the release notes Bug#237370: Info received (was pgp5i) Re: Bug#247176: Preparing a autobuildable package of perl for testing-proposed-updates Re: Bug#254330: O: atmelwlandriver -- Driver source for Atmel based Wireless adaptors USB/PCI/PCMCIA Re: Bug#260508: Removal suggestion Fwd: Bug#267850: kmymoney2 installs manpage under /usr/man Re: Bug#268457: postfix: "couldn't reopen /usr/sbin/update-inetd" Re: Bug#269989: ghc6: FTBFS: Passes -input to ar Bug#270202: qt-x11-free build error on arm-linux Re: Bug#270620: gcc for mips/mipsel creates non xgot capable startup/shutdown objects Re: Bug#271096: Why is qgo i386/src in testing? Bug#271108: please remove libsoundtouch0 and libsoundtouch0-dev (source: ardour) Re: Bug#271673: librmagick-ruby1.8: librmagick-ruby unusable after upgrade to imagemagick- Re: Bug#273674: please remove libdvbpsi and libdvbpsi2 from testing and unstable Re: Bug#273734: education-common: con't fulfill the Recommends on !i386 Re: Bug#273737: parted: can't fulfill the build dependencies on sarge Re: Bug#273806: Please remove unrar from testing Re: Bug#273958: RM: moobot -- RoM; Not in development anymore, supybot will replace it Bug#274234: Maintainer & upstream unreachable, new upstream & maintainer prerequisite for inclusion in Sarge Bugs(#270916,#271168): [INTL] Catalan and hebrew updates for dictionaries-common in dictionaries-common_0.22.40sarge3 Bumping the urgency for imagemagick? Classification of some arm builds that are 'Building' Could xmbmon make it to sarge? Re: cyrus-sasl2 NMU for t-p-u devfsd: please push through Doc++ removal breaks unrelated packages. Dual layer DVD Re: education-common: con't fulfill the Recommends on !i386 a failed purge is RC Re: final report on all woody DSAs and sarge f-spot should not be in testing FTBFS in Sarge (Update) FTFBS in sarge Re: Please remove drgenius from sarge/sid gnutls transition and new packages from sid Hint for smb4k hinting makedev 2.3.1-75 into sarge? hinting openmotif Hm?? why is doc++ removed? How to correct f*ed architecture uploads? Include kernel with i486 emulation in 3.0r3 Including sed 4.1.2 into sarge I need help getting Mozilla FIrefox 0.9.3-5 into testing Re: Intent for a perl NMU to fix the libmime-perl mess kernel-image-2.6.8-amd64_2.6.8-2_i386.changes still in NEW Re: [l10n] Translation and the freeze of packages LFS support on Debian 3.1 libqt3-compat-headers, noteedit, and arm libselinux missing, why? libxml-libxml-perl status for sarge lurker 1.2 held back by libmimelib1 from kdepim (3.3.0-2) Re: Mail Delivery (failure Manual hint for libpqxx Missing/out-of-sync sources in Sarge Modutil's (RC and non-RC) bugs and Sarge mozilla & mozilla-thunderbird build on mipsel finished mozplugger status (was: Bug#264955: To be fixed?) new hylafax upload New version of libpqxx for upload Re: Non-US CDs no more for sarge? Re: [Oldenburg] topics for today's meeting openwebmail 2.40 Re: package in / package out packages, featuring t-p-u (and s-p-u) packages stalld in t-p-u by missing builds packages which dropped some archs Re: Parted 1.6.12 Re: pgp5i RE: [Pkg-firebird-general] php4-interbase and classic plans for d-i rc2 (and Oldenburg meeting) Please, allow ksociograma in sarge Please allow shadow to enter sarge please approve t-p-u upload for kxmleditor Re: Please help to review changes in unstable please hint boost, regina-normal and kdeedu Re: please hint tcp-wrappers 7.6.dbs-6 for testing Please let dictionaries-common_0.22.40sarge2 pass to sarge Please push gnomemeeting into sarge please remove dlm Please remove gutenbook/0.1.10-6 Re: Please remove ifrit from testing Please remove package from testing (mywiki) Please remove package muine from testing Re: please remove ruby-beta from testing/unstable Re: please remove sendmail-wide from testing/unstable Please remove trm from Sarge Please remove vaiostat (vaiostat-source) from Sarge Please remove vtkdata-installer from testing Re: Please remove xpacman from unstable and testing Please update sarge popularity-contest from unstable Pppconfig_2.3.6 Should Go Into Testing Problem for uploading to testing-proposed-updates Re: problem in buildd? problems with s390 release proposed gpm uploads to testing-proposed-updates Pushing perl 5.8.4-2.2 into testing. Push through new version of libapache-mod-auth-mysql pwlib going into testing Re: QA packages for release Quality of nagios packages in Sarge Reintroduce doc++ to sarge, Build-Depends for other packages Re: Release update: lib transitions, toolchain fixes, buildd backlog Re: removal suggestion for openmosix from testing removal suggestion (request?) Removal suggestions removal suggestions Re: Remove kernel-patch-2.4-rmap. remove kernel-patch-acl from sarge/testing remove lirc-svga from !i386 sarge remove mozilla-firefox-locale-gl [ Bug#272040: Please update for 0.9 or remove] Remove postgresql-plruby on ia64 from sarge? Removing convertfs from sarge Request for pushing slang packages into testing [Re-sent] Hint for smb4k RFH: xsidplay RM: ddt -- Dead upstream, dead in Debian sarge and boost fix for #267991 [sarge] Removal of lasso Sarge status? Re: Security in sarge Re: Status of H323 packages in Sarge/Sid status of non-US Re: strace 4.5.6-1.1 Temporary removal of cyphesis-cpp package from sarge/testing torcs in sarge transitional kernels needed for sparc as well as i386? unsubscribe Re: Upgrade report: woody->sarge util-linux broken in sarge util-linux bug severity util-linux/getty bug What's the freeze policy? woody->sarge upgrades on mips: glibc vs. kernel The last update was on 13:58 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 429 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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