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Remove postgresql-plruby on ia64 from sarge?

The latest postgresql-plruby package does not build on ia64 because the 
configuration script hangs indefinitely until the buildd kills it.  I 
have asked around for help, but so far without success.  Assuming that 
no fix for this problem appears very soon, can the previous build on 
ia64 be removed from sarge so that the rest of the architectures can 
proceed, or should I upload a new revision that excludes ia64 from the 
architecture list (not my preference)?

The fault is in the configuration script, which is written in ruby 
itself, and since the script works on all other architectures and 
certainly contains no if ($arch = ia64) then suspend(); instruction, I 
suspect that there are more general issues with ruby on this platform.  
Even if someone succeeded to shake the script until it works, I don't 
feel comfortable right now about supporting this package on this 

What should I do?

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