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transitional kernels needed for sparc as well as i386?

IRC transcript:

16:36 < joshk> vorlon: currently you can't dist-upgrade woody to sarge on
               sparc without upgrading the kernel
16:36 < joshk> glibc complains and refuses to install
16:36 < vorlon> joshk: er... that's a problem...
16:36 < joshk> at least, that was the case about 5 months ago
16:36 < vorlon> well, no, I guess not.
16:37 < joshk> vorlon: but to upgrade the kernel, you must (for some reason)
               get the new libc in first
16:37 < joshk> i don't remember the specifics; i should try it
16:37 < vorlon> joshk: ok, then it *is* a problem. :)
16:37 < vorlon> that's the same problem as the case for true-i386.  Dammit.
16:37 < joshk> I think it's subarch dependent: i have both 32 and 64 bit
               hardware now so i can test both
16:38 < vorlon> The issue is, you can't install a new kernel-image without
                pulling in new versions of tools that depend on libc
                (etc), and the new libs won't run on the old kernels, so
                as soon as you unpack, you're screwed.
16:38 < vorlon> can you get some information to d-release about which
                subarchs are affected?
16:38 < joshk> vorlon: yeah, i will test this weekend, hop[efully
16:38 < vorlon> and, are you up to preparing transitional kernel-image
                packages for sparc that are built against woody, but
                provide new enough support to satisfy glibc?
16:39 < joshk> vorlon: i might be
16:43 < vorlon> fwiw, we know for sure that there's no workaround for
                the i386 ABI case, but I don't know anything about this
                new sparc issue -- it *may* be something that can be
                fixed in glibc...
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