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mozilla & mozilla-thunderbird build on mipsel finished


 I've built mozilla[1] and mozilla-thunderbird[2] on mipsel after the
latest binutils update, and it finished quite nicely. It looks good, and
I'd like someone to check the build loggs (especially Thieme Seufer) if
the problems they saw previously are still there (from my scan they
don't -- but this build log is too huge for me to check it throughly,
although I've scanned it). debdiff says the packages are fine, too.

 If people tell me the build is fine I'm ready to upload it. If one
needs the packages prior please also let me know. I guess the build for
mozilla on mips and mipsel somehow hangs and won't finish, it's in
Building state since several days now....

 So long,
[1] <http://alfie.ist.org/debian/mipsel-build/mozilla_1.7.2-4.build>
[2] <http://alfie.ist.org/debian/mipsel-build/mozilla-thunderbird_0.7.3-6.build>
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