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Any chance to get rosegarden4 allowed into testing-proposed-updates?

[Please Cc: me in replies to the list]

I guess it is too late now, but I will ask, just in case...

The latest rosegarden4 upload was made shortly before the last
low-urgency uploads call (and shortly after the upstream
release). When the KDE 3.3 uploads where made 10 days later, I hoped
that following queue logic rosegarden4 would be built against KDE 3.2
in all archs. I was wrong. At least in s390 the KDE 3.3 packages have
started being built before rosegarden4.

As a result the current rosegarden4 in unstable will never get into
sarge. That is a pity, since it is 6 months newer that the version in
testing, with lots of (non-RC) bugs fixed.

I could re-upload rosegarden4_0.9.9-1 to testing-proposed-updates. The
problems I see with this are:
  - It does not fix any RC bug.
  - The diff with the version in testing is probably huge.
  - It is a big app. It will make a dent in buildd time.

But maybe the release managers think that there are other things
delaying the freeze right now, and it would be worth it?


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