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Re: final report on all woody DSAs and sarge

Steve Langasek wrote:
> pavuk 0.9pl28-3 includes the fix for DSA-527, but there is another
>  security bug affecting this package (same bug #).  Hinting this for
>  removal from sarge.

Not in stable.

> rlpr - hinting for removal.

That won't help since it is in stable as well, so people upgrading
from stable without security.debian.org will still have that package

Noah, could you take care of the package in unstable and upload
an NMU since the maintainer seems to be too busy to apply a security 

> log2mail - fixed in 0.2.8-3, but this package was uploaded with
>  urgency=low so is still 7 days out from testing. :P


> slocate - hinting for removal.

Won't help, the package comes from stable as well.

Noah, could you see to apply the required security patch and
prepare an NMU?



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