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Including sed 4.1.2 into sarge

Hi everybody,

I am the maintainer for GNU sed. As the Debian package maintainer Clint Adams may have already told this list, I have asked him to push sed 4.1.2 into Sarge. The reason for doing so is that 4.1.1 has a couple of particularly nasty bugs, and I would not be in favor of a Debian release with them; one of them is also spotted by the LSB internationalization tests.

Given the long release cycle of Debian, I'd prefer that 4.0.9 were put in sarge rather than 4.1.1, since it has been in use for a while and only has a few well-known POSIX-compliancy problems, of secondary importance. Of course, 4.1.2 (already in sid) would be the best choice.


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