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Please let dictionaries-common_0.22.40sarge2 pass to sarge

Hi all,

I am about to upload dictionaries-common_0.22.40sarge2 package to
testing-proposed-updates. These are the changelog entries, with some
comments about the second one:

  * debian/po:	
    - Add norwegian nynorsk translations, 
      thanks to	HÃ¥vard Korsvoll (closes: #269966)
  * debian/dictionaries-common.dirs:
    - Added 'var/cache/dictionaries-common' so we make sure it is always
      present and removed on package removal (closes: #265087, #270567)

The last entry fixes

#265087 ispell: installer errors on print() on closed filehandle
#270567 print() on closed filehandle EMISDEFAULT

This is an excerpt of #270567 joeyh bug report,
I was doing a fresh intall of sarge, intalled the desktop task, and saw

Setting up dictionaries-common ( ...^
print() on closed filehandle EMISDEFAULT at /usr/sbin/update-default-ispell
line 96, <STDIN> line 2.^
Updating OpenOffice.org's dictionary list... done.^



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