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Please, allow ksociograma in sarge

Hi all.

This mail is to ask about sarge inclusion of ksociograma.

ksociograma entered Debian unstable few days before the KDE 3.3 packages 
upload. Because of this issue, ksociograma has not been able to get into 
sarge the usual way.

11 days ago, I uploaded a new upstream version of ksociograma into sid. After 
the usual period in unstable, I think it's time to get into sid. This won't 
happen automagically (remember, the KDE 3.3 partial upload), so I ask you to 
manually allow the upload to sarge.

I have just uploaded a sarge-ready version to debian-proposed-updates, with 
version 2.0.1-1sarge1, the sarge build of unstable version, 2.0.1-1.

Thanks in advance,

        Juan Manuel  Garcia Molina
        Debian GNU/Linux Developer
juanma@debian.org     http://www.debian.org

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