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Re: status of non-US

Hi Andreas,

On Tuesday, 28 Sep 2004, you wrote:
> The only package in non-free left over is pgp5i; it is orphaned, but
> somebody wants to adopt it and has already made packages (quite
> recently). See http://bugs.debian.org/237370 for details.
> non-free
> ~~~~~~~~
> Package: pgp5i
> ITA, #237370
> Package: rsaref2
> in total 3 uploads, last on Sun, 10 Jun 2001 21:22:43 +1000

is there really a need for that package?

okay, there are a few packages that recomend/suggest pgp5i and auto-pgp
directly depending on it. But do we really want to keep non-US for _ONE_

Only my 0.02$


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