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libqt3-compat-headers, noteedit, and arm


  I've been monitoring the status of noteedit in unstable and testing.  As
Thomas Bushnell pointed out recently on this list, it would be Very Good if
noteedit 2.7.1 could get into testing; in fact, I uploaded 2.7.1 to
testing-proposed-updates over a week ago in order to help this process along.

  However, now I'm getting periodic reject mails from dinstall about autobuilt
noteedit packages, due to the fact that noteedit is out of date on several
architectures in unstable.  In most cases, it looks like the problem is just
that KDE is broken/not yet built on those architectures, so the problem
should resolve itself over time.  (in fact, only s390 remains of the
architectures exhibiting the "KDE is uninstallable" symptom)  However, arm seems
to be a bit trickier.

  noteedit requires libqt3-compat-headers to build.  Until recently, this was
an Architecture: all package, but in version 3.3.3-1, it was changed to an
Architecture: any package.  Because it was Architecture: all, it was removed
from unstable with 3.3.2-5 -- but arm has not built a new version of qt3 yet,
and so libqt3-compat-headers is unavailable, causing every build of noteedit
to fail.

  Why has arm not built a new version of qt3?  It's been attempted several
times over the last week; each time, the build log ends with this:

/build/buildd/qt-x11-free-3.3.3/bin/uic -L /build/buildd/qt-x11-free-3.3.3/plugins pixmapfunction.ui -o pixmapfunction.h
QSettings: error creating /home/buildd/.qt
QSettings: error creating /home/buildd/.qt
make[4]: *** Deleting file `pixmapfunction.h'
make[3]: *** [sub-designer] Terminated
make[2]: *** wait: No child processes.  Stop.
make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
make[2]: *** wait: No child processes.  Stop.
make[1]: *** [sub-tools] Terminated
make[4]: *** [pixmapfunction.h] Terminated
make: *** wait: No child processes.  Stop.
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
make: *** wait: No child processes.  Stop.
Build killed with signal 15 after 499 minutes of inactivity

  As far as I can tell, either the qt3 in unstable produces a uic that
hangs on arm, or some hardcoded timer is triggering to kill the build
prematurely (I don't know if "inactivity" is measured from the time the
build starts, or if it watches stdout/stderr to see whether anything
is happening).  Is anyone looking into this?  I don't see a bug filed
against qt3, and it's been a week since the first build failure occured.


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