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Modutil's (RC and non-RC) bugs and Sarge

(I'm Cc'ing this to debian-release. List: please CC: me on replies since 
I'm not in the list)

Hi Lamont,

Modutils currently holds two bugs (#262941 and #263224) which from a
cursory view seem quite easy to fix but difficult to spot (the system will
not work once rebooted since ppp modules are not loaded even though they
were loaded on installation). The source of the issue is that Modutils'
aliases have not been updated even if asked for it repeteadly in other bug
reports (#203578, #230020, #70557, #228688, #243681, and #173938)
Modutils-init-tools and modutils aliases are quite different at this point
and that might spark many other bugs in the future. Also, there was a new
upstream release in March this year and some other distributions (i.e.
Mandrake and Fedora) have been providing new patches for modutils that 
could have been useful also for Debian users.

I'm concerned about how these RC bugs will affect our release. I'm also
concerned that some other trivial-to-fix bugs will not make it to the
release. Specifically, translator's work is lost to our end-users because
of not doing some trivial fixes in the package (translation bugs in
modutils include #206205, #165098, #166713, and

The patch I've recently submitted to the RC bugs might fix those issues and 
some others, but I probably lack the knowledge to determine if it might 
have side-effects that will affect other stuff. 

I'm not considering doing an NMU at the moment since I wouldn't like to
break up additional stuff specially considering that modutils is a standard
package. However, maybe the Release Team should do considering doing an NMU
to sid and to testing-proposed-updated doing some bug cleanup [1] to the
package since, after all, it has not been touched for almost a year. 



[1] I've reviewed that the source code differences with new release 
2.4.27 and all the changes look like bugfixes (or documentation cleanup) to 

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