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Re: FTBFS in Sarge (Update)

Steve Langasek wrote:
> > > kernel-image-2.4.26-hppa_2.4.26-6
> > > kernel-patch-2.4.25-mips_2.4.25-0.040415.1
> > > kernel-patch-2.4.25-powerpc_2.4.25-8
> > 2.4.27 is available, removal?
> Not until it's definite that we'll be using 2.4.27 for sarge.

2.4.26-hppa and 2.4.25-powerpc are still in use in d-i RC1, they
should be kept until the next d-i release (candidate).

2.4.25-mips is superseded by both 2.4.26 and 2.4.27 and can be removed.


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