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How to correct f*ed architecture uploads?


#271295 pointed me to this problem:

According to
the package of pinball on powerpc is complete. However, when installing
the package on powerpc or looking into the uploaded deb, the shared
libraries are missing.

Unfortunately, the package was not built by a regular buildd, so there is
no build log available. A normal build using pbuilder on powerpc behaves
normally (i.e. generates the shared libraries correctly).

How to correct this problem?


PS: Looks like one more reason not to trust inofficial buildds...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
to "reproduce": download "pinball_0.3.1-3_powerpc.deb" from a Debian
mirror near you, run

dpkg --contents pinball_0.3.1-3_powerpc.deb

Notice that (contrary to any other arch you support) there are *no*
.so files in the package, hence I cannot play a single table :-((

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