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removal suggestion (request?)


I hope this post is appropriate here.  I'd like to suggest (request,
to be honest :-) that eagle-adsl be removed from testing.  It's been
replaced by eagle-usb, which has successfully completed its
introduction to sid and migration to sarge.  I've submitted a bug
against ftp.debian.org (#269468) requesting its removal, but I learned
on IRC (from vorlon) that sometimes these bugs take long to be
processed, and I'd really like Sarge not to ship with eagle-adsl.  I
did submit an RC bug against eagle-adsl (#270238) to keep it out of
testing if it's removed from it but not from sarge.

  From what I've read on this list, I infer that I'm supposed to add a
cut-and-pastable line in here.  Here goes:

# replaced by eagle-usb
remove eagle-adsl/1.0.4-14


Roland Mas

Au royaume des aveugles, il y a des borgnes à ne pas dépasser.
  -- in Soeur Marie-Thérèse des Batignoles (Maëster)

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