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Re: Apology to german users required in the release notes

> > Frankly, I am getting tired of discussing this issue. I can't
> > understand why you, gotom, are that stubborn and can't respect a
> > decision taken by the German translation team. You already stated
> > at the very beginning of this bug report, that you find it "not
> > well inspected" [6]... To me your reluctance rather seems like a
> > personal/social quirk. It's a pity :-( I am sorry that I have to
> > say that, I don't intend to offend
> Well, I must say that even if you're right (you seem), yes you should
> be sorry for saying that. I've been lucky enough for meeting Masanori
> Goto at Debconf and I never felt him as a stubborn guy.

As I said, I did not intend to offend gotom (though I might have :-(. I 
am very grateful for everybody spending her/his free time working for 
Debian and its users (e.g.: me). My statement was not in general but 
regarding this issue, where imho it is hard to see any reason why there 
is (still) so much reluctance on applying the patch and why the German 
translation team has been ignored.

Sorry, if I offended gotom or anybody else.


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