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Re: Classification of some arm builds that are 'Building'

>   > As long as you're working on arm build issues, this seems like as good
>   > a time as any to mention that xerces23 and xerces24 are still in a
>   > false state of Dep-Wait even though the dependency problem that got
>   > them there has been resolved for weeks.  I've sent multiple polite and
>   > gentle messages to arm@buildd.debian.org and refuse to resort to more
>   > hostile tactics because I think they are counterproductive. :-) If
>   > you're taking on some problems with arm builds and you think it makes
>   > sense, I'd be quite grateful if you could push a little on this as
>   > well.  If not, let me know, and I will continue on my current track.
>   > Thanks.
>   A fix for the icu28 issue on arm is forthcoming, in spite of the
>   maintainer's "support".

This is good to know, but at the moment, the xerces packages depend
upon an older version of icu.  Basically, I created versions of the
xerces packages that depended upon icu28 but also included other
fixes.  When it looked like the lack of icu28 on arm may keep xerces
and xalan out of sarge, I rolled back only the icu update.  In the
mean time, the dep-wait wasn't cleared for xerces23 and xerces24
(though it was on xerces25) in spite of multiple requests.  If someone
cleared dep-wait right now (with or without resolving icu28 issues), I
expect that the xerces packages would autobuild on arm based on the
fact that the previous upload with icu21 autobuilt fine on all

If someone got icu28 into sarge with support for all architectures, I
could reintroduce the icu28 dependency into the xerces packages, but I
don't want to do that if it will possibly risk not getting the latest
versions into sarge.  Right now, arm is the only thing blocking
xerces23, and arm and powerpc are blocking xerces24.  (I'm still
trying to solve the not-for-us problems with xerces23 and xerces24.)
xerces25's latest version is already in sarge.

If xerces23 and xerces24 transition and icu28 appears in sarge on all
architectures, then I could re-upload (with sponsor) new versions of
xerces{23,24,25} that depends upon icu28 and take my chances or upload
to t-p-u if you think that would be appropriate.

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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