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"Couldn't start kdeinit. Check your installation" with KDE 3.0.1 .doc attachments in kmail .kde/share/apps/kio_http/cache file names too long FW: E se conseguirmos baixar o preço da gasolina?IMPORTANTE!!!!!!!!! [KDE3] KPager/workspace weirdness [KDE3] Where to set $KDEDIR(S) Adding Menu entries to kdms login window (restarting with different X -layout xxx) App without titlebar? Automatic responses to mails sent to Compiling KDE from cvs Re: compiling KDE3 - missing dcopidl Compiling Qt 3.0.4 Configuration of Kmail Re: Configuration of Kmail (with error message) Control Center doesn't start with KDE3 cursor vanished in kmail Cursor vanished in KMail dentist Double server reset with kdm environment variables + aliases Error messeages Re: Evolution has no help or email properties Experimental KDE3 debs -- first impressions Fonts in KDE Re: Fonts in KDE - SOLVED gcc 3.1 and KDE3 Getting kde3 session type into kdm from KDE 2.2.2 Global environment and KDM Gnome under KDE3 (was: Re: status of KDE PIM software) How can I FTP KDE 3.01? Fwd: How do I install KDE 3.0.1 Debs? How to get KDE 3.0.1 for debian How to install Java2TM RE, v. 1.3.1 Howto delete Mail Transport entries https protocol in konqueror I can't have eurosign i-touch key shortcut installing cupsys-driver-gimpprint drivers installing unofficial kde3 debs installing woody with kde3 from scratch on a new machine KBabel in deb? KDE 2.2.2 (KDE 3?) and fontspecific encodings KDE 3 Update -- Please KDE 3.0.1 debs KDE 3.0.1 packages KDE 3.0.1 powerpc.deb? KDE 3.01 install problem KDE and Debian Packages Re: KDE freezes on "initializing peripherals" KDE scrollbar behaviour KDE3 debs -- No jpegs can be displayed KDE3 jpeg & konsole (was: gcc 3.1 and KDE3) KDE3 kdeartwork and kdesdk available KDE3 lock screen, 'incorrect password' (my ****) KDE3 Logout kde3 on debian KDE3 on unstable kde3 performance. kde3 proxy, pain in the ass KDE3's Konqueror & .WARs KDE3, Konq & Flash kde3.0.1 debs, xmms and woody kdegames kdelibs4-dev kdevelop KDevelop 2.1.1 for KDE 3.0 KMail "precommand" KMail folder-index troubles kmail socket kmerlin 1.0-1 package Kmerlin-1.0 for KDE3.. Konqueror Konsole, Home/End and bash (was: Re: gcc 3.1 and KDE3) kvirc for kde3 last mailing libarts depencies libarts1 vs. libarts Menu items Missing Icons and image corruption in KDE3 More KDE3 modules available More on kpager weirdness + logout issue multiple X sessions OT: How to start an application on another desktop? Re: Out of Office AutoReply: [KDE3] KPager/workspace weirdness Packaging kdebindings for debian Re: previous mail Qt (>= Qt 3.0.2) (library -mt) not found Re: Qt (>= Qt 3.0.2) (library -mt) not found] SOLVED--Re: https protocol in konqueror sound install problems on an iMac status of KDE PIM software Themes Unidentified subject! varicad and KDE 3.0.1 WAS kmail socket--Re: Automatic responses to mails sent to Where are the debian KDE3 sources? Which QT? Xinerama not recognized by KDE The last update was on 10:51 GMT Sun May 08. There are 308 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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