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Re: Getting kde3 session type into kdm from KDE 2.2.2

On Saturday 04 May 2002 3:42 am, Magnus von Koeller wrote:
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> On Saturday 04 May 2002 09:33, Doug Holland wrote:
> > so the system Does The Right Thing instead of mixing in kde2 stuff,
> > while the kde2 option runs KDE 2.2.2 as if nothing ever happened.
> Just put the attached file 'kde3' in /usr/bin and adjust the paths to
> your kde root directory (I think it's somewhere in /opt?). Make this
> file executable.
> Then add 'kde3' to the list of SessionTypes in /etc/kde2/kdm/kdmrc and
> you're done - works quite nicely for me (with self-compiled KDE3).

If I could jump in here, I'm just curious how you installed the new kdebase 
and still keep the old one (2.2.2).  I played around with the "force" options 
but couldn't seem to find the right one.  I ended up removing all of 2.2.2 
anyway, but just wondering for future reference.
Iknow how to do this with rpm, but haven't got this figured out yet for deb's.

Also, everything is working well, except I have strange characters in kde's 
"Help Center"- nothing intelligible.  Any ideas? Is this a locales problem.
(I reinstalled libxml2 and libxslt1 and reconfigured locales but no success)

all the best,

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