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Re: WAS kmail socket--Re: Automatic responses to mails sent to debian-kde@lists.debian.org

On Friday 31 May 2002 03:02 pm, ben wrote:
> i just checked the mail headers and followed up on the one seemingly
> sensible ip address in there. it's forged and belongs to the baltnet.ru
> domain. there's no whois entry for koenig.su while google returns a
> multitude of russian language pages.
> curiouser and curiouser.....
> actually, it kinda feels like the monkeys and typewriters thing, like in a
> hundred years he might get half a clue.

it appears that, while wizard is unknown on the koenig.su domain, that domain 
is in kalingrad, russia, but it's not a domain in the conventional sense and 
they have a mighty weird way of assigning email addresses--albeit consistent 
with their weird way of dealing with undeliverable mail. apparently, the 
responsible entity for mail addresses of the koenig.su type is enet.ru, and 
the postmaster address for that domain is postmaster@fishwar.koenig.su.

so what are the options here? should it be handed off to the list admin? i 
don't relish the thought of trying to educate an apparently incompetent 
administrator at enet.ru about the flaws in their ridiculously unique mail 


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