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Re: "Couldn't start kdeinit. Check your installation" with KDE 3.0.1

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On Thursday 30 May 2002 21:31, Joe Emenaker wrote:
> This is on a Debian box that's kept pretty up-to-date with "unstable".
> Well, I added the geniussystems repository to my sources.list and did
> "apt-get upgrade kdebase" and it upgraded a whole mess of stuff.
> I tried logging into my Debian box at the console and the KDE3 splash
> screen comes up. I then get a little window in the upper-left that says:
>    "Couldn't start kdeinit. Check your installation"
> I click "okay" and then I get a box that says:
>    "Couldn't start ksmserver. Check your installation"

Upgrading to KDE3 is a bit more complicated than that at the moment. There is 
no meta-package that will give you all of kde, nor one which will give you a 
working kde3 system (AFAIK). You could do worse than to follow the 
instructions at http://calc.cx/kde.txt and install a few more of the 
meta-packages at the top of the page.

But in answer to your immediate question, kdeinit is in the package 
kdelibs4-bin (try meta-package kdelibs), and ksmserver is in the package 

Paul Cupis
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