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Re: Experimental KDE3 debs -- first impressions

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On Sun, 12 May 2002 20:50, Michael Spanier wrote:
> The install went not so smooth, but after explaining the situation clearly
> to dpkg and friendly by using --force-depends and --force-overwrite I was
> able to get a running kde3.

The instructions located at http://calc.cx/kde.txt expressly state that you 
should NEVER use --force stating that if you do 'you are likely to 
permanentaly break your system requiring a full reinstall'.

There is a good reason for this, if dpkg is telling you there is a conflict 
between packages you had better believe it!!   If dpkg is reporting a 
conflict the 'safe' option is to purge the installed conflicting package and 
then reattempt installation. As pointed out elsewhere this maywell mean that 
you will also be forced to uninstall other related packages such as xmms or 
other KDE packages, but such is life on the bleeding edge.

Remember these packages have not yet been integrated to provide a smooth 
upgrade path from the Debian KDE2 packages to Debian KDE3 packages.  The 
smooth upgrade should (will) be provided by the Debian KDE3 packages when 
they are offically included in the Debian distribution. Until then these 
packages which you are installing are not guarenteed to upgrade from KDE2 
smoothly.  Hence the instructions to purge all kdelibs3 and libarts packages 
before you even attempt installation.

> The only thing missing is noatun. I keeps crashing. Does anyone also have
> this problems?

noatun is working fine here, but then again I purged my existing libarts prior 
to installation.  Likely you --force-overwite the installation of libarts 
which may well mean you have all sorts of incompatible libarts libraries 
still sitting on your system trying to be used in an inconsistent manner, 
which would present the symptoms you report of noatun crashing.

I would suggest that you purge all your KDE packages, reinstall the KDE2 
packages, purge again and then install the KDE3 packages per the 

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