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Re: kde3 on debian

söndagen den 5 maj 2002 18.47 skrev Eray Ozkural:
> On Sunday 05 May 2002 16:08, Karolina Lindqvist wrote:
> > Most of KDE3 from cvs cleanly compiles now. But I find that kdetoys is
> > behind, and it does not appear to be ported to KDE3. KDEEDU does not have
> > any debian files at all.
> Are you on KDE_3_BRANCH ? (right tag I hope eheh)

You mean KDE_3_0 BRANCH, don't you?

Actually, on a nearer look, this is complicated.
The modifications for kdetoys is in the HEAD branch,
for kdelibs and kdebase is in KDE_3_0_BRANCH.
For koffice it is called KOFFICE_1_1_BRANCH or maybe it is 
Arts finally is called ARTS_1_0_BRANCH.
The others I assume are KDE_3_0_BRANCH, but now I am not sure anymore.
(All this I got from checking for the latest changes in debian/changelog)
Aj,aj, kdeedu is also in HEAD branch and not at all in KDE_3_0_BRANCH.

I usually get everything from HEAD, but now since Chris Cheney said that he 
puts his changes in KDE_3_0_BRANCH but not HEAD branch, things are getting 
complicated. Yes, I checked, KDE_3_0_BRANCH is more recent than HEAD on 

I would love if the developers either put the stuff in the same branch, of if 
they somehow could announce which branch to look in. Are you communicating 
with each other?

-- Karolina

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