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Re: KDE 3.0.1 debs

Le 24/05/02 ? 22:06 Chris Cheney (ccheney@cheney.cx) écrivait :
> I have uploaded KDE 3.0.1 debs to kde3.geniussystems.net you can join
> OPN #debian-kde to discuss any issues you have. These debs should
> upgrade from KDE 2.2.2 but you will probably have to use a package
> management program like dselect or aptitude.
> I will not be uploading debs to incoming until after the gcc 3.0.1
> transition which supposedly will happen within a month.
> Thanks,
> Chris Cheney

Thanks for your job ! It works great. If got only one problem. When I
launch kcontrol I have the following message 

jeanmichel@morpheus:~$ kcontrol
WARNING: No K menu group with X-KDE-BaseGroup=settings found !
Defaulting to Settings/

And I can't configure something in kcontrol : I can view any icon :(
Jean-Michel Kelbert

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