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"Couldn't start kdeinit. Check your installation" with KDE 3.0.1

This is on a Debian box that's kept pretty up-to-date with "unstable".
Well, I added the geniussystems repository to my sources.list and did "apt-get upgrade kdebase" and it upgraded a whole mess of stuff.
I tried logging into my Debian box at the console and the KDE3 splash screen comes up. I then get a little window in the upper-left that says:
   "Couldn't start kdeinit. Check your installation"
I click "okay" and then I get a box that says:
   "Couldn't start ksmserver. Check your installation"
I guess it doesn't surprise me that it can't find kdeinit. When I try:
    grep kdeinit /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list
it comes up with nothing... which tells me that no package I've got installed has brought kdeinit along with it.
Which 3.0.1 package contains kdeinit? Or, is there an alternative fix for this problem?
- Joe

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